No current super-resolution technique is yet usable for large scale testing of multiple samples. We propose to solve this problem by adapting a recent microscopy innovation termed expansion microscopy. This technology is based on conventional immunostaining of the samples, followed by embedding in a plastic structure, which is physically expanded by approximately 4.5-fold in the work published so far, allowing an imaging resolution of at least 70 nm. Our laboratory has recently surpassed this, and has optimized an expansion of approximately 10.5-fold, thus providing an imaging resolution of below 30 nm.

Silvio Rizzoli

Principal Investigator
Weitere Teilprojekte

B2: “A microfluidic in vitro approach to study protein mobility in the synapse”

Sarah Köster/Silvio Rizzoli

B1: “The organization of structural lipids in synaptic membranes”

Nhu Phan

A3: “A dynamic analysis of the nanoscale organization of the dendritic spine”

Silvio Rizzoli