During the first funding period, we proposed to adapt and improve a recent microscopy innovation, termed expansion microscopy. This technology is based on conventional immunostaining of the samples, followed by embedding in a plastic structure, which is physically expanded by approximately 4.5-fold. We improved this technology, as proposed, by reaching a 10-fold expansion, and we made this available to the community. We also provided imaging service to multiple projects.

Silvio Rizzoli

Principal Investigator
Weitere Teilprojekte

B9: “Cytoskeletal alterations contributing to synapto-axonal dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease”

Paul Lingor

B1: “The distribution of structural lipids in synaptic membranes”

Nhu Phan

B3: “Mapping the protein and lipid organization in the plasma membrane of neurons using rapid rupture event imaging”

Andreas Janshoff