The synapse is a complex environment, as it is densely packed and has a complex geometry, structured by internal membranes. All these structural aspects affect the mobility of proteins in the synapse, and thus their delivery to the active zone, where most of the proteins execute their functions. In this project, we will dissect the contributions of the different physical features of synapses to investigate their impact on protein mobility, working towards an understanding of how they shape synaptic function, relying on dynamic Monte Carlo simulations.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Klump

Stefan Klumpp

Principal Investigators
More subprojects

B9: “Cytoskeletal alterations contributing to synapto-axonal dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease”

Paul Lingor

B3: “Mapping the protein and lipid organization in the plasma membrane of neurons using rapid rupture event imaging”

Andreas Janshoff

Z3: “Simple multi-color super-resolution imaging by 10x expansion microscopy”

Silvio Rizzoli