Post-translational modifications of proteins play an essential part in the regulation of synaptic transmission. Phosphorylation and ubiquitination are involved in regulating protein-protein interactions during neurotransmitter release, synaptic-vesicle (SV) recycling, and synapse development and maintenance. In addition, the glycosylation of synaptic proteins may be especially relevant for neurodegenerative diseases and ageing. We focused on protein phosphorylation during the first funding period, and we will now enlarge our focus to cover both ubiquitination and glycosylation.

Prof. Dr. Henning Urlaub

Henning Urlaub

Principal Investigator
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Z3: “Simple multi-color super-resolution imaging by 10x expansion microscopy”

Silvio Rizzoli

B3: “Mapping the protein and lipid organization in the plasma membrane of neurons using rapid rupture event imaging”

Andreas Janshoff

B9: “Cytoskeletal alterations contributing to synapto-axonal dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease”

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