Long-term changes of the synaptic strength play a fundamental role in shaping the dynamics of neural networks and they are mainly linked to the variation of the number of bound phosphorylated AMPA receptors (AMPARs) at the postsynaptic site. In this project we will therefore investigate AMPAR-dynamics specifically considering interactions between different plasticity processes. We will develop a concise theoretical model describing the fundamental, plasticity-independent kinetics of AMPARs at the postsynaptic site divided into the postsynaptic density and the extrasynaptic membrane, and we will test it on data from this CRC.

Christian Tetzlaff

Principal Investigator
More subprojects

B6: “The role of RNA in synapse physiology and neurodegeneration”

André Fischer/Tiago Outeiro

A3: “A dynamic analysis of the nanoscale organization of the dendritic spine”

Silvio Rizzoli

A8: “Regulation of synaptic vesicle cycling by protein phosphorylation and dephosphorylation”

Reinhard Jahn/Henning Urlaub