The aim of this project is to develop a kinetic model of neurotransmitter release and its short-term plasticity, which is constrained by the wealth of findings that have accumulated over the last 15 years of experimentation at the Calyx of Held. Once the model is consolidated, predictions can be made for short-term plasticity behavior of unperturbed nerve terminals, as elicited by afferent fiber stimulation. Another aim is to demonstrate that the core structure of the model can also be used to describe similar data from other glutamatergic synapses, including hippocampal synapses in culture, as used in this CRC.

Erwin Neher

Principal Investigators
More subprojects

B5: “Quantitative molecular physiology of active zones at calyceal synapses”

Tobias Moser

A1: “The ultrastructure of synapses in action”

Benjamin Cooper

A5:“Nanoscale architecture of mitochondria in synapses”

Stefan Jakobs