Synaptic transmission builds on the presynaptic coupling of electrical excitation to transmitter release. Multidomain scaffold proteins of the active zone are thought to govern the topographical organization of vesicular release sites and Ca2+ channels, but this issue is still largely open. We will approach this general issue in the calyceal synapses of the auditory pathway using manipulations of RIM-binding proteins (RIM-BPs) that are key candidate linkers of Ca2+ channels and vesicular release sites.

Tobias Moser

Principal Investigator
More subprojects

B4: “In vitro reconstitution of inhibitory GABAergic postsynapses”

Claudia Steinem

A10: “Protein–protein interactions at the synapse monitored by quantitative protein cross-linking”

Henning Urlaub

A3: “A dynamic analysis of the nanoscale organization of the dendritic spine”

Silvio Rizzoli