There is now ample evidence that not only coding but also non-coding RNAs play important roles in cellular plasticity. This is particularly true for neurons, where for example mRNAs are locally transcribed at (post)synapses. We will use the mouse as our model organism, and we will specifically address the question of whether RNA-based processes contribute to synaptic dysfunction during aging and in neurodegenerative disease, especially in Parkinson’s Disease.

André Fischer

Principal Investigator

Tiago Outeiro

Principal Investigator
More subprojects

C2: “Dual-purpose optimization theory for the synaptic vesicle cycle”

Fred Wolf

B5: “Quantitative molecular physiology of active zones at calyceal synapses”

Tobias Moser

B1: “The organization of structural lipids in synaptic membranes”

Nhu Phan