Excellence in International Scientific Communication, Productivity & Career Skills

Module 1: Wednesday, Thursday, 6th+7th December 2017
Module 2: Thursday, 25th January 2018
Module 3: Thursday, 26th April 2018
Module 4: Thursday, 27th September 2018
Module 5: Thursday, 29th November 2018

University Medicine Göttingen
Humboldtallee 23
37073 Göttingen

hosted by Dr. Paul Charlton

Who Can Apply:
All those eligible for SFB funded skills training and coaching. An “open” workshop (module 1) is followed by an ongoing, highly customised, programme for a selected 4 participants for the 2018 programme year.

Core Programme Content (customised):

  • Assertive communication, presentation and negotiation
  • Meeting management, moderation and teaming
  • Establishing and leading complex work-groups
  • Emotional Intelligence, behavioural management & crosscultural competency
  • Gender and diversity awareness & sensitisation
  • Networking & self-marketing (on-line, face-to-face)
  • Effective and efficient conferencing (as delegate, chairperson & speaker)
  • Job applications, interviews & assessment centre preparations
  • Salary, grant & procurement contract negotiation
  • Polishing of “international” scientific / business English
  • Assertive and respectful communication techniques
  • Productivity enhancement, time & priority management
  • The training & coaching of junior colleagues in the skills

The Coach: Dr. Paul Charlton
International communication, career & productivity skills coach with a background from industry and in scientific research (PhD in molecular biology/biochemistry), extensive global training & coaching experience and an accomplished speaker and workshop facilitator. Extensive programme alumni referrals can be provided upon request. Please visit his LinkedIn profile: de.linkedin.com/in/drpaulcharlton

The Onsite Location:
Module 1: Heyne Haus, Papendiek 16, 37073 Göttingen

The Onsite Programme Format:
Module 1: 2-day group “Masterclass” workshop

  • Core Theme: “Networking and Public Speaking”.
  • Q4 2017, preliminary dates: 6th & 7th December, 2017

Module 2: half-day group workshop + 4 individual sessions

  • Core Theme: “Negotiating & Assertive Communication”.
  • Q1 2018, preliminary date: 25th January, 2018

Module 3: half-day group workshop + 4 individual sessions

  • Core Theme: “Self-Awareness, Self-Management and Emotional Intelligence”
  • Q2 2018, preliminary date: 26th April, 2018

Module 4: half-day group workshop + 4 individual sessions

  • Core Theme: “Teaming, Collaborating & Cross-Cultural Competency”
  • Q3 2018, preliminary date: 27th September, 2018

Module 5: half-day group workshop + 4 individual sessions

  • Core Theme: “Personal Productivity & Life Balance”
  • Q4 2018, preliminary date: 29th November, 2018

Onsite sessions are supplemented for each coachee with optional email / phone and Skype-based support throughout the duration of the entire programme – ideal for rehearsing conference talks, keynotes, grant/position applications etc.

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