We provide (i) the initial analysis of high-throughput transcriptomic and proteomic data and (ii) the integration of this data for the detection of key proteins, network hubs, and relevant pathways. We also address a second major challenge for this CRC, by designing the Synaptic Integrative Data Strategy (SynIDs) that allows for the querying of results over data modalities, and will support causal reasoning. SynIDs should enable researchers to query across imaging, electrophysiological, molecular, and clinical data, and to mix and combine information from public resources to build hypotheses that can be experimentally validated.

Stefan Bonn

Principal Investigator
More subprojects

Z3: “Simple multi-color super-resolution imaging by 10x expansion microscopy”

Silvio Rizzoli

B1: “The distribution of structural lipids in synaptic membranes”

Nhu Phan

B9: “Cytoskeletal alterations contributing to synapto-axonal dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease”

Paul Lingor