Here we propose to theoretically determine the ideal design of the presynaptic vesicle cycle and release machinery, as predicted by dual purpose Pareto optimization. For this we will assume that the vesicle cycle and the release machinery have to simultaneously function in (1) efficient information transmission, and in (2) generating a chemical environment that effectively recruits, maintains and buffers functional synaptic proteins in the presynaptic compartment. We will determine the optimal design of the vesicle cycle, and we will compare it to experimental data from this CRC.

Fred Wolf

Principal Investigator
More subprojects

B8: “Deciphering the major alpha-synuclein-related alterations in the Parkinson’s disease synapse”

Tiago Outeiro

A10: “Protein–protein interactions at the synapse monitored by quantitative protein cross-linking”

Henning Urlaub

B2: “A microfluidic in vitro approach to study protein mobility in the synapse”

Sarah Köster/Silvio Rizzoli