Accumulating evidence supports the view that neuronal damage does not originate from a single cause but rather by a multitude of independent insults that synergize to initially cause synaptic dysfunction and, eventually, to kill neuronal cells. A central pathological event in PD is the accumulation of misfolded forms of alpha-synuclein (ASYN), a presynaptic protein that appears to spread throughout the brain in a prion-like manner and to be cytotoxic. Here we will study this in hippocampal neurons in culture, based on a combination of imaging and biochemistry tools.

Tiago Outeiro

Principal Investigators
More subprojects

B6: “The role of RNA in synapse physiology and neurodegeneration”

André Fischer/Tiago Outeiro

C2: “Dual-purpose optimization theory for the synaptic vesicle cycle”

Fred Wolf

A3: “A dynamic analysis of the nanoscale organization of the dendritic spine”

Silvio Rizzoli