We currently lack an overall understanding of the kinetic processes of vesicle-protein interactions. The mobility and diffusivity of proteins is very likely altered by the presence of binding partners such as vesicles, but there is little quantitative information available on this process. To solve this problem, we will combine controlled confining geometries in microfluidic environments with direct in situ single molecule imaging, relying on purified synaptic vesicles and proteins.

Sarah Köster

Principal Investigator

Silvio Rizzoli

Principal Investigator
More subprojects

C3: “Modelling dendritic spine fluctuations”

Florentin Wörgötter

B1: “The organization of structural lipids in synaptic membranes”

Nhu Phan

A5:“Nanoscale architecture of mitochondria in synapses”

Stefan Jakobs