Mitochondria occupy approximately 30% of synapse volume (on the presynaptic side) and are thought to provide the ATP that is essential for synaptic vesicle trafficking. However, little is known on their activity state, protein biogenesis, and turnover in the synapse. This project aims to close this gap in our understanding of the functional characteristics of synaptic mitochondria. We will carry out a comprehensive analysis of the protein composition of mitochondrial in the synapse, will determine to what extent protein biogenesis occurs in synapses, and we will determine the protein stability of synaptic mitochondria.

Peter Rehling

Principal Investigator
More subprojects

B5: “Quantitative molecular physiology of active zones at calyceal synapses”

Tobias Moser

Associated project: “Modeling of short-term plasticity of nerve-evoked EPSCs at a glutamatergic synapse”

Erwin Neher

A5:“Nanoscale architecture of mitochondria in synapses”

Stefan Jakobs